In 4 steps you design decisions that your group commits to

This practical book is indispensable for anyone who wants to make better group decisions.

The book was in the top 10 of best-selling management books and on the longlist for management book of the year 2018!

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Marjolijn and Edwin have extensive experience in guiding group discussions and know how to translate this into handy tips, tools and techniques. They also offer insights which not only help you to understand the process, but also to apply them. They combine a structured way for designing the process of decision making with a good feeling for people.Robert Verheule - Rijkswaterstaat
The Decisions by Design method has an enormous added value: not only do you arrive at a group decision in a simple and structured manner, the decision itself is actually good and all parties are behind it. With Decisions by Design you get the best out of your employees and therefore out of your organization. Decisions by Design: I warmly recommend it!Prof. dr. Emile Aarts - Tilburg University
Judging too quickly, reacting emotionally, sticking to new insights – I’ve fallen into all these pitfalls. The low quality of the decisions was accordingly. After reading Decisions by Design, I immediately came into action to do things differently. Therein lies the strength of this book: it encourages you to immediately put the steps and principles into practice. I can tell you: it works!Hans van der Loo - Betterday

Decisions by Design

In this two-day training you will learn the decision-making method Decisions by Design in order to create joint decisions, where the involved people experience a win-win situation.

We share the basics and the four steps, with which you realise a group decision in your own practice. Furthermore, we will work with 4 cases to master the method based on the Decision Design Canvas.

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Decision Design Canvas

The route to the decision is just as important as the decision itself.

Maintain focus in coordination with different stakeholders, give everyone a voice in the decision making and record all choices so that responsibility is taken.

The Decision Design Canvas is a free tool that provides guidance for productive and collaborative decision making.

Are you going to apply, share or remix the Decision Design Canvas? Cool! Just check the license.

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Podcast by WorkshopsWork

The podcast guides you through the 4 steps of Decisions by Design and shows that such a decision making process can take 5 minutes as well as several days. You learn what to do, so that the last step of the actual decision seems obvious to the group.

You’ll also learn about the importance of investigating differences before seeking agreement.

Don’t miss the part when Marjolijn explains how she applies Decisions by Design to decide on the most suitable workshop format with her customer!

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Tips & tricks for better decision making

Book launch in LEF future centre Rijkswaterstaat

The book launch took place on 12 May 2017. You will get an atmospheric impression of this party! Click here

Why do I need a decision-making model?

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What means Decisions by Design?

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