With the book Decisions by Design by Marjolijn and Edwin de Graaf there is a thorough and practical work on decision making that every manager and change maker can benefit from.

The basis is an easily manageable model that fits in with the way the human psyche works. However, what happens automatically and logically on an intrapersonal level does not happen automatically in groups.

In this book, the authors reduce the decision-making process to four clear, successive phases. This creates a design that helps groups to make well-considered and supported decisions.
In addition, the model has been empirically tested, thanks to the many years of experience of the authors as process and change architects.drs Guido van de Wiel - Wheel Productions

The book Decisions by Design contains useful ideas, which I would like to apply in the practice of change management.

It is an inspiring book, clearly written and with a lot of attention for the theory as how to put the ideas into practice, especially as a facilitator, and what to pay attention to.Anke Zindler - Rijkswaterstaat

As a Change Management Consultant I regularly find myself in situations where the interests of several parties need to be represented in a decision, a proposal or an approach. Although each consultant develops his own techniques and tricks for this, until now it has lacked a solid, pragmatic approach to bring multiple parties to a single point of view.

By following the four steps of Decisions by Design, I have proved to be much better able to identify all interests, allow the parties involved to talk to each other and create understanding. In order to make choices with each other, with mutual understanding.

Decisions by Design is recommended for anyone who needs to connect stakeholders with different (conflicting) interests. For example in a role as management consultant, product owner, CIO or quartermaster.Guido van Gemerden -

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