Marjolijn de Graaf

change architect

Marjolijn de Graaf (1971) is a change architect with a user-friendly change approach. In the mid-1990s she graduated as a psychologist with a specialisation in Human Factors engineering.

She started working at a large IT consultancy company where she was trained in large scale interventions and change management. After 12 years of experience with change processes in various secondment assignments at both profit and non-profit organizations, she started Impact Company together with her husband. At Impact Company Marjolijn is able to combine her knowledge and experience in the field of human behavior and organizational change. In her role as process architect, she has guided many organizations through complex decision making, so that they arrive at supported decisions and better results.


Edwin de Graaf

process supervisor and coach

Edwin de Graaf (1970) is a process supervisor and coach with a strength in non-verbal communication and co-creation. He graduated as a music therapist and has worked in psychiatry and for the judiciary.

From this background, Edwin pays particular attention to an open dialogue, in which he looks in multiple ways and examines how the group reaches its own solutions. Working with the undercurrent in groups was first applied by Edwin in several of his own companies. Later he started Impact Company together with his wife, where he can use his therapeutic and creative talents as a pattern breaker within organizational teams.


Impact Company

Marjolijn de Graaf and Edwin de Graaf are the driving force behind Impact Company, the energetic organization for process management in complex decisions since 2007. Impact Company facilitates change-makers and leaders to organize successfully with lasting impact and more involvement.